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  • Assymetric rear wheel for ultimate performance
  • Lighter weight
  • Integral Design, No Sub-Assemblies
  • Wider For Better Aerodynamics
  • Braking Rim Dewatering Line Design
  • Unique Rim Design
  • Elaborate Hub Structure
  • Balance Stiffness
  1. Lower Front and Higher Rear Design: Achieve a balanced blend of high-speed inertia and stable control for enhanced efficiency.
  2. 30mm Wide Rim: Push the limits of aerodynamics, ensuring exceptional performance against wind resistance.
  3. Comfortable Riding: Experience enduring comfort with a flat aerodynamic tire surface.
  4. Full Carbon Fiber Spokes: Unparalleled stiffness delivers explosive acceleration.
  5. Ceramic Bearings: Effortless acceleration through frictionless rotation.
  6. Flat Engagement Ratchet Design: Maintain stable and rapid power transfer for consistent performance.