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Otion saddle grip road rb mtb saddle comfort Taiwan (SG)
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Product SKU AC5403
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 10 cm x 1 cm
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☛Reduce the pressure with OTION grip for the road bike and mountain bike.
☛Proven to disperse pressure.
☛Can lessen soreness, & enhance power transmission.
☛Save power (watts) when riders' hip and hands can position well on the bike, not moving sideway.
☛Keep your butt on the same position. Less power loss means pedaling power transmit more directly.
☛Vibration absorbing. Pressure release through micro fingers structure
☛Massaging: thousands of micro fingers serve to massage hip and palms

Saddle sores are an annoying side-effect of cycling that most serious riders have experienced at some time or other. At best they mean uncomfortable riding, and at worst they can keep you off the bike altogether.- Bike radar


Saddle sores are quite hard to define medically because they do vary in nature. One thing we can all agree on is that they are an irritation in the groin area from riding a bicycle. They are caused by a nasty recipe of heat, pressure, and friction whilst riding your bike.


If I already dress bicycle shorts(tights), w/pad. Do I still need SG (Saddle Grip)? If I use SG, then I don’t’ need to dress shorts(tights)?
Hip movement is that the main factor to cause your hip/pelvic pain, also loss pedaling power transmission. Our suggestion is, dress your shorts(tights), also use SG. This combination can achieve an excellent performance.

When fiber attaches on Ergo. Grip. How to clean it?
Use the same way we clean fiber from clothing.

Does. Ergo. Grip damage cloth of bicycle shorts(tights)?Will Ergo. Grip be easy to wear out?
Per our on-road 3,000Km riding test. The Ergo. Grip don’t damage the cloth of your shorts(tights). Also, the wear out resistance is very well.

Does Ergo. Grip works in a wet/damp situation?

The micro fingers structure perform well in wet/damp situation.

When I want to change using another new Ergo. Grip. Is it easily to change/clean?
After removing Ergo. Grip stickers. It’s very easy to remove stickers’ glue away. Just use a finger to “push” from the adhesive surface.

Installation - Simple peel and stick.
Best to let it be firm for 4 hours before your first ride.




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