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Ridenow Ultralight Gravel Bike 700/32C-47C MTB 29X1.5-2.0 Presta 65MM
Price RM39.00
Product SKU TU77GR65
Brand Ridenow
Size (L x W x H) 5 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm
Availability In Stock

Ridenow Ultralight Gravel Bike 700/32C-47C MTB 29X1.5-2.0 Presta 65MM

The Ridenow Ultralight Gravel Bike Inner Tube is a high-performance accessory designed for both gravel and mountain bikes. Crafted with exceptional materials and thoughtful design, this inner tube enhances your cycling experience in various ways. Its key features include:

  1. Special TPU Material: This inner tube is constructed using special TPU material, known for its remarkable durability and flexibility. It provides excellent resistance to high pressure and unexpected challenges when riding in demanding terrains, reducing the risk of damage.

  2. Durable Valve: The valve on this inner tube is made from robust plastic to ensure there is no unwelcome air leakage. It is available in two different lengths (SV 45mm and 65mm), allowing you to select the one that suits your Gravel or MTB bike requirements.

  3. Enticing Color: With a cheerful pink color option, this inner tube not only performs efficiently but also adds a stylish touch to your bike's aesthetics. It's a practical and fashionable choice.

  4. Lightweight and Efficiency: Weighing in at only approximately 45g, this inner tube won't add unnecessary weight to your bike. This feature is perfect for riders who prioritize minimizing their bike's weight for improved performance.

  5. Versatile Sizing: Ridenow offers two different sizes, 700 for Gravel and Roadbike bikes and 29" for MTB bikes. This ensures that you can easily find the right fit for your bike, promoting safety and optimal performance.


  • Product Name: Ridenow Ultralight Gravel Bike Inner Tube
  • Compatibility: Gravel and Mountain Bikes
  • Tire Sizes:
    • For Gravel Bikes: 700/32C-47C
    • For Mountain Bikes: 29X1.5-2.0
  • Valve Type: Presta
  • Valve Length:SV 65mm
  • Material: Special TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) material for exceptional resistance and flexibility
  • Valve Durability: The valve is made of durable plastic to prevent air leakage
  • Color Options: Enticing pink
  • Weight: Approximately 45 grams
  • Sizing Options:
    • 700 size for Gravel and Roadbike Bikes
    • 29" size for Mountain Bikes

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